Rotary Health Forum

On the occasion of the inauguration of the charity action “My teacher is called Hope”, jointly organized by Rotary Club Split Novi and Rotary Club Zagreb 1242, on October 6, 2018, the “Rotary Health Forum” was held at the premises of the Aspira Higher School on theme” Challenges of Contemporary Education for kids during hospital treatment.

The purpose of the forum was to sensitize public to the problems of small patients during hospital treatment and to get acquainted with the concept of “School in Hospital”, which is financed only by the competent ministries at basic costs. The forum, which was also Rotary Day, was attended by numerous eminent experts from the world of politics, medicine, education, public life, as well as Rotarians and the wider Split public. Welcome speeches and panel lectures were delivered by Branka Ramljak, State Secretary at the Ministry of Science and Education, at the full Aspira College Hall. Tomislav Đonlić – Head of Education, Culture and Sports of Split-Dalmatia County; Professor Darko Tipuric – District Governor 1913 Croatia; Professor Julije Meštrović – Director of KBC Split; Dr. Zoran Bahtijerević – Doctor of the Croatian national football team; Professor Marijan Saraga – Head of the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases of the Clinical Hospital Center Split, Dr. Josip Krnic – President of the Rotary Club Split Novi; Joško Jeličić – representative of the Rotary Club Zagreb 1242; Nenad Bakic – founder of the Institute for Development and Innovation and initiator of the STEM revolution; the director of the elementary school “Marjan” Zdenka Barović and the director of the elementary school “Izidor Kršnjavi” in Zagreb Lidija Sosa Šimenc.

According to the forum, a clear message should be sent to small patients treated at the hospital that we all together believe they will heal, and the best ways to do this is to provide them with a quality education, to encourage a positive psychological effect in further treatment, to enable them to better socialize with their agemates,  to reduce the backlog of materials when they return to school and to form a specific course in the Republic of Croatia that would adequately educate teachers to work in hospital. The expected value of the project is approximately HRK 200,000. The funds raised will provide the necessary equipment for the e-classroom, and part of the funds will be spent on the education of teaching staff