Our humanitarian actions

Since 2008, we have raised more than HRK 1.000.000,00 for the children of Split-Dalmatia County.


  • FOUR volumetric infusion pumps for pediatric oncology patients at CHC Split were donated as the result of our successful humanitarian action  ( project value = HRK 80.000,00)

 vecernji.hr – Rotary Club Split Novi darovao aparate vrijedne 80.000 kuna

Round table and charity action “Do we care enough?” have raised funds through the sale of Canvas paintings by author Darko Rom to help the Maestral Center for Children without adequate care in Split. ( project value : HRK 22.000,00)

 dijete.hr – Rasprava u Splitu. Brinemo li se dovoljno o mentalnom zdravlju djece


Procurement of FENO device for early detection of asthma in children at the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases of CHC Split.¸
(project value = HRK 75.000,00)

slobodnadalmacija.hr – POZIV ROTARYJU ‘Pomozite, djeci treba uređaj za liječenje astme’


  • Sponsorship and patronage in the realization of the musical “Heart on Stage” at CNT Split for the Heart Association and Cerebral Palsy ill on the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

tportal.hr – Srce na sceni na daskama splitskog HNK

A humanitarian action has been launched that lasted through 3 presidential mandates entitled “Helping the Children of the City of Split and Dalmatia” by procuring 12 state-of-the-art children’s hospital beds for the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases of the Clinical Hospital Center Split.

The project was organized as a Global Grant, in cooperation with the German friend club RC BonnRheinbogen and the German and Croatian Districts, as well as with the help of the Rotary International organization. In the District of 1913 Croatia, this was the first successfully implemented Global Grant project in which one Croatian club was the project promoter.

The action ended in 2015/2016. (project value = HRK 370.000,00)

dalmatinskiportal.hr – Rotary klub Split Novi osigurao donaciju vrijednu 400 tisuća kuna! Želimo da KBC postane prijatelj djece!


  • Humanitarian action “Heart to Heart” was organized to preserve and continue the work of the Heart Association’s workshop. (project value: HRK 37.000,00).

magazin.hrt.hr – Srcem do srca


  • At the beginning of 2018, the humanitarian action “Respirator “was organized. The donation of HRK 160.000,00 provided the necessary modern transport respirator to the Intensive Care Unit for Children – at the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases of CHC Split. The humanitarian action was organized in cooperation with friends from the Rotary Club of Kočevje. (project value = HRK 160.000,00)

index.hr – Hrvatski i slovenski Rotarijanci splitskoj Dječjoj klinici darovali respirator vrijedan 160.000 kuna

  • In June 2018, a charity called “Down 21 – Good to Do Good” was organized. The aim of the action was to raise funds to equip the art and music workshop for the protégés of the Association Down Syndrome 21. The charity auction was organized as a celebration of 10 years of the Rotary Club of Split Novi Charter. (project value = 27.600,00 kn + piano donation)

dalmatinskiportal.hr – Rotary klub Split Novi donirao 27.600 kuna Udruzi Down 21, a sada planiraju akciju e-učionice za KBC Split


In October 2018, a “Rotary Health Forum” was held on “The Challenges of Contemporary Education for Young Students during Hospital Treatment”. This was organized on the occasion of the inauguration of the charity “My Teacher is Called Nada(Hope)”

The purpose of the forum was to sensitize the public to the problems of children patients during hospital treatment and to get acquainted with the concept of “School in Hospital”, which is funded by the relevant ministries only at basic costs. The forum, which was also a Rotary Day, was attended by numerous experts from the world of politics, medicine, education, public life as well as Rotarians and the wider Split public.

The necessary funds were earmarked for the e-classroom, and part of the remaining funds was spent on the specific training of teaching staff to work in hospital settings. The partners in the project were friends from the Rotary Club Zagreb 1242. (project value = HRK 196.020,83)

HRT vijesti – Projekt ‘Moja učiteljica zove se Nada’ – 200 tisuća dječoj bolnici u Splitu

Traditional humanitarian actions in which we participate:

Humanitarian action “A di si ti?” (And where are you?)

The longest running humanitarian action in the City of Split is dedicated to sensitizing the public for the homeless population. It promotes solidarity and volunteerism, and the funds raised are intended to equip the Homeless Center and the personal needs of its beneficiaries.

The humanitarian flea market is organized by the MoSt Association and is traditionally held in the square in front of Split’s CNT.

Every year, we are increasingly proud of the engagement of our members who, with their donations in goods, jewelry, decorations, books and other items, fill our stand at the humanitarian flea market. Our members also engage in the sale and animation of citizens themselves to help with their contributions and the purchase of items.

Humanitarian action “O la la Dinner for the Homeless”

Every night a dinner arrives at the Homeless Shelter in Split for about thirty homeless people. We are proud of the number of our members who cook for the homeless with their families, but also of the whole club when we make and serve dinner together.

he coordinators of this praiseworthy action are Lana Iljadica and Lada Štefek, whose goal was to reach 10.000 meals, but the action has not stopped since 2012.

You can join O La La family too. Visit their Facebook page and report to Lana or Lada