Dedicated primarily to basic human values ​​and service to the local community, Rotary is an international organization that brings together approximately 1.2 million members worldwide from various fields of professional life. Rotary promotes high ethical principles in business
and private life and spreads goodwill and understanding among individuals and nations.

From the formation of the first Rotary Club (Chicago, Illinois) on February 23, 1905, to the present day, the Rotary community has brought people of all races, creeds and political backgrounds closer to the friendly atmosphere of collaboration.


Rotary International is one of the most respected organizations in the world with more than 35,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries. Rotary International is an organization that promotes high human values ​​and assistance to the local community, and individuals can join it, regardless of gender, skin color, religion, or political affiliation. Rotarians usually gather once a week, developing their friendship development principle as an opportunity to serve.
Rotary’s basic motto is Service Above Self. The philosophy and main principles of the Rotary Clubs are clear from the beginning:

  • Developing friendships as a prerequisite for better cooperation and success of the individual and the club
  • High ethical and moral principles in conducting bussiness and in all professions
  • Highlighting the value of eact profession and its role in creating a better society
  • Emphasizing the role of serving and helping others
  • Expanding interpersonal understanding , goodwill and peace

To this end, a quadruple test was created. It is a useful benchmark for all human relationships, and especially in the daily practice and profession of every Rotarian. Before engaging in an activity, it is a good idea to ask yourself these four questions:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it fair for everyone it applies to?
  • Will it help build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Is it useful for all participants?

Many celebrities were or are Rotarians, some of the most famous examples being: John F.Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Neil Amstrong,Thomas Alva Edison, Ivo Andric, Ivan Mestrovic and Pope Francis.


Rotary Croatia, or Rotary International District 1913, is a voluntary, independent and not-for-profit organization of Rotary Clubs in Croatia, which are also members of Rotary International. The Rotary community in Croatia was started in the late 1920s. On March 6,1929, the day after the founding of the Belgrade Rotary Club, the official founding meeting of the Rotary Club Zagreb was held at the Hotel Esplanade, which was attended by 26 distinguished people, including sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, Branko Senoa, Franjo Hanaman, Lava Kalda, Marko Kostrenčić and many other deserving Croatian citizens, who, by engaging in Rotary, have given additional impetus to the development of Croatian scientific, cultural, artistic, national and any other identity. In 1941, Rotary clubs were banned in Yugoslavia and five other European countries. Later in communist Yugoslavia, the rotary movement was banned

The first club established in independent Croatia is the Rotary Club Zagreb, which was incorporated into the world Rotary community on October 23, 1990. The first Croatian Rotary Alliance was founded in 2004.

After more than 20 years of operation of Croatian clubs within the regional District 1910, by the decision of Rotary International, an independent District 1913 was formed to support the operation and development of clubs in Croatia, following the needs of local communities, in accordance with Rotary principles and regulations. The 1913 District Charter was personally presented by Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith to the first District Governor, Dr. Ivo Husic, at a ceremony held at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, June 18, 2011.

To date, Croatian Rotary Clubs have accomplished many projects and programs, thus helping the citizens of Croatia, mostly from their own sources, but also through the international cooperation of other Rotary Clubs who are happy to respond with material and personal participation

There are 60 Rotary clubs in Croatia today, and the Split Novi Rotary Club is a proud member of Rotary International since June 21, 2008.