Rotary Club Split Novi has celebrated its founding at 21.06.2008. in the most festive way with Charter in the basements of Diocletian’s Palace and on the same day with a gala concert “Rotary for the children of Split” with the orchestra of Croatian National Theatre in Split led by its conductor, Ivan Repušić. The gala concert hosted many famous opera singers like the tenor Tomislav Mužek, Korean baritone Tito You and American soprano Michele Crider.


Since the very beginning, this, currently the youngest Rotary Club in Split, has strategically focused almost all of its projects towards improving the quality of life of our youngest and inciting full social integration of children with special needs with the support of many institutions engaged in helping the disadvantaged group of children. Within these projects, Rotary Club Split Novi has started almost at once a very active collaboration with the Children’s Hospital in University Hospital Centre Split. After a successful charity event, four volumetric infusion pumps were donated, a necessity in Pediatric Oncology Division (valued 80 000 kunas), and a FENO device for early detection of asthma (75 000 kunas). Another event was organized “Do We Care Enough?” which had the full support of Children’s Ombudsperson and all appropriate institutions on national and local level within which a round table was organized. 22 000 kunas was collected for the Children’s House “Maestral’s”  psychological aid.

Recently, Rotary Club Split Novi has been very active in other humanitarian projects. It procured help in realization of the musical play “Srce na sceni” by the association of persons with cerebral palsy “Srce”.

In 2015, the will be realized project of purchase 20 modern children’s hospital beds for Pediatrics department of University Hospital Center Split worth nearly 400,000 kuna . The project was realized in cooperation with a friend club RC Rheinbogen from Bonn in Germany , and with the help of German and Croatian Districts and Rotary International. This is a FIRST GLOBAL GRANT project which was successfully implemented  in Croatia .

Within aforementioned strategic plan, it also worth distinguishing the continuing helps to Rotaract Club Split. Taking a step further this year, Rotary club Split Novi founded, at the beginning of 2015, Rotaract club Split Novi.

Rotary Club Split Novi is a diverse club of members with almost all of the same age with a remarkably good ambience among them, frequent gatherings even outside the meetings (sailing, skiing and sport activities en group). The club counts 25 members at the moment with new members coming in regularly.

It also plans to recruit successful young people in the future, to continue arranging and realize humanitarian actions in order to help those who need it most, to organize lectures by respectable guests, common gatherings, and visits to other clubs, promoting work, principles and vision of Rotary Club Split Novi, i.e. spreading its values within the entire society.




In Croatia, the first rotary club was established on 06.03.1929 in Zagreb  only 24 years after first Rotary club in Chicago.

The first Rotary Club in Split was founded in 14.05.1931 .

31.12. 1941 . comes to the abolition of District 77 and thus to the abolition of all the RC in this area .

During the communist Yugoslavia was forbidden forming Rotary clubs .

The first Rotary club in the independent Croatia RC Zagreb, which was formed in Zagreb 23.10.1990 .

First RC in town Split was RC Split began work 26.08.1993 .

RC Split Novi was founded 21.06.2008 .


After more than 20 years of successful work of  croatian clubs in the framework of the Regional District 1910 ( Wiena – Austria) , Rotary International created  independent District 1913.